Hi! I'm an average software engineer, born in Vietnam, spent most of my life in Japan, and based in the United States now.

Brief History

Unfortunately, I was not a prodigy like Linus Torvalds. I have a long story, but I started to study Computer Science on a full scale when I was a junior at the university. During my college time, I attended CTF(Capture The Flag) as a CTF team member, and I mainly handled Crypto and Web challenges. Also, I participated in ICPC(one of the Competitive Programming contests). After graduating from the university and migrating to the United States, I'm now working as a software engineer. My primary language is Python.

Skills Portfolio


ex-Research Subject

During my student life at Keio University, which is not famous globally even though it's the top private university in Japan, I majored in Computer Security, especially in Side-channel Attacks. My research resulted in an award from the university, but I could not publish it at a conference because I had to leave Japan and didn't have enough time to wrap it up at that time. It still rues me. I don't have any plans to go back to academia for now, as my life at a research lab was too hard for me.

Contact me

I'm really open to connecting. Please feel free to ping me :3
I will be happy if I can help you with something.

  • kazukiyoshida96[at]gmail.com
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  • CODEFORCES(I just started to do competitive programming, and I'm looking for a coach who can bring me to the blue range. Of course, I'm willing to pay for that. Please reach out for more details.)